Losing Johnny
My beloved dog Johnny passed away on August 9 of this year. He was 12 ½ years old, but could have lived for at least another five years, as he was in a good health, active and well adjusted.
Eight days prior to his passing he was vaccinated with one of his yearly shots. I haven’t given it a thought, merely because he hadn’t had any severe reactions in previous years. When he developed the symptoms of joint pain and lethargy I took him to see his vet, who ran some tests and told me that Johnny was having a minor case of arthritis. When I didn’t see the improvement, I decided to take him to a holistic veterinarian, who charged me a big fee and helped little.
Within a day after seeing the second specialist my dog began vomiting blood. My husband and I rushed him to the Oradell Veterinary Hospital, where he passed away peacefully via euthanasia.
Losing Johnny was the most devastating experience of my life. I couldn’t bring myself to do much and simply lay on the couch, my mind wrapped in the haze of guilt and emotional void, blaming myself for not being able to save him and his veterinarian for administering the fatal vaccination to him.
The house that was filled with joy suddenly became empty and cold. When I came home from work the realization that Johnny wasn’t going to greet me at the door was heart wrenching. For 12 ½ years I took for granted the amazing healing work that this dog was able to do by uplifting the vibrations and by just being there, waiting for us patiently and giving us his unconditional love and loyalty.
After a week of despair I began thinking about adopting another dog. Since Johnny was a miniature poodle and my husband was suffering with allergies, my family and I decided that the next dog would also be a poodle. I had no problem finding a breeder within the close proximity of my house who happened to have two puppies for sale.
These days I am supper busy taking care of the new addition to our family, our little Jasper, who opened my heart with his pure energy and love. I still think of my Johnny every day, of unexpected circumstances that led to his death and of my inability to save him. Having no control over the situation was one of the most difficult lessons that I had learned. Getting up and moving forward was another one.
I realize now that accepting death and truly encompassing the aspect of transitioning over was an essential step in my evolvement. There are no set rules of how to deal with loss; I am managing to the best of my abilities and still learning each day to love life, with all of its ups and down, curves, floods, and hurricanes. I see the road ahead of me, unfolding, and I am ready to walk it and to make my mark as a humble being placed on this Earth. When I think of Johnny I remember the way he made me feel and the joyful moments that he brought into my life. I realize now that his time to pass on was now and I accept it.

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I was returning from my lunch break, when I noticed one of my colleagues crying.  She had her eyes firmly fixed on the computer screen, with tears rolling down her cheeks. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

She looked up. “Haven’t you heard,” she asked.  “There was a shooting at a Connecticut Elementary school.  Over twenty children are dead.”  She paused, wiping her tears with the palm of her hand and then continued.  “Parents are waiting to pick their kids up from school and they are dead.”   She was looking past me, into the space her eyes filled with horror and pain.

I worked through the day, feeling numb.  My desk, bombarded with piles of work kept my mind occupied.  That night, at home, I had a horrific migraine and went to bed early.  It has been a difficult month – two co-workers of mine passed on and the son of another colleague passed away in his sleep a few days ago.  He was in his thirties and had a family with two young children. 

It was only the following morning, when I was on my way to the supermarket that I began sobbing.   The sadness filled my heart, the pain of the parents and grandparents who lost their precious children, the unspoken tremble of those whose children are to go to school the following week – all of it gathered into one lump in my throat and then emerged out with tears and sobs.  The fright and helplessness that wrapped around the nation was floating in the air – an unspoken dread, infused with tears, translucent yet toxic.   

I walked through the crowded supermarket, piling my cart with food, my mind wrapped around the haze of the devastation, my thoughts overwhelming my heart.   Why are these horrific incidents occurring?  What possesses a person to take lives of others?   What is poisoning our Country at large?

The family structure has certainly changed.  The mothers who stayed home to take care of their children are not able to due to financial circumstances.  The economy that collapsed left thousands of people jobless.  Many are losing their houses to foreclosures.  The destructive forces of nature are devastating countries, destroying homes, and taking lives.   The never ending war in the Middle East is like a dark horrid, life crippling vulture. 

Yet our media and television glorifies violence on a daily basis.   We have become the nation of war and crime.  Dread and fear surrounds us, like a thick brick wall.

Is there a way out?  Of course there is!  It has to be done through love and compassion.  Love heals on many levels!  It is above us, descending on us from the Heavens.  It is below, nurturing us through the healing powers of the Mother Earth.  It comes from every direction – from the east with the rise of the sun, from the south with the flames of the fire that ignites love, from the west, bringing tranquility and reflection through the cleansing powers of water and from the north, the place of Great Darkness – the ancestral guidance.   

There are no words to describe the pain of those who lost their loved ones.  Nothing can bring back those who are gone, killed by the hand of a sick-minded being.  Yet we can move forward, armed by a different mindset.   We have to shift our consciousness by keeping our vibrations high and let go of the low vibrations, such as envy, anger, and control. 

And so I urge you all to love one another and to allow love in with every breath; to forgive those who hurt you and to cherish those who are near you.  Be strong yet gentle,  be forgiving yet firm, and most of all be kind to yourself and to others!

I am sending you love and light,


Days after Hurricane Sandy have been infused with tension and fear.  The lines at the gas station, the streets, barricaded by the fallen trees, the people, frightened and in a state of shock.  Never have we had this type of storm in the Northern New Jersey.  

I can only speak for myself when I say that this horrific storm had taught me a great lesson.  Was I prepared for it?  I thought I was.  I thought I was in control.  I stored canned goods and water, prepared an emergency bag and bought candles.  When the storm hit I gathered everyone downstairs, to be safer.  I lit a few candles.  I stepped away for a short while and suddenly heard a loud falling sound and my daughter’s loud scream that my mom fell down.  She tripped over the futon and landed face down on tiled floor. 

I tried my best to stay calm and healed her.  She was frightened; her upper lip was bleeding from the fall and her nose was tender.  Thankfully, she didn’t suffer major injury.

 In a matter of hours the life that I had known, the sense of peace and security that was dwelling in my house, was gone.  The control I thought I had has been destroyed with the gashes of the strong wind and the devastation and powerlessness that it brought afterwards.  The darkness and cold wrapped around my lodging.  Nothing seemed the same.  

Two days after, still living without electricity or heat, I walked to the nearby park.  It is upon approaching it that I felt an incredible aching within my heart, the pain that this park – the trees inside of it and wild life had suffered.  I stopped, mortified.  I wasn’t prepared for it.

I remember, a while back, asking my oak tree, the one that grows outside of my window, in my front yard, what is it like to be a tree.  She communicated to me that the wind is her friend and that she loves when he comes over her, gently cleansing her branches and leaves.  He is a friend and a lover and he is very dear to her.   Yet there are times when his anger is frightening and she had learned to stay strong and just be, until his fury passes.  It is only now that I understood the message that I received from my tree – to stay strong. 

It is difficult to be ready for something so devastating, for the loss of loved ones, and your home.  Never again will I take for granted my life and the lives of people around me.  My house had no damage and besides a few loose branches in my back yard my property was alright.  Yet something shifted and the home that I had known before, the energy within it, its essence, was gone, as if the wind from the outside had swept through the inside. 

My son went to stay with his friend, who had electricity; my daughter was either out or locked inside her room, wrapped in blankets.  My husband and I stayed either at the Garden State Mall or in the kitchen, boiling a large pot of hot water, trying to keep warm.  At night, dressed in layers of warm clothes with two pairs of sock and three blankets, I lay, praying for the electricity to be restored.  At dawn I woke up, listening, if the radiators, who make a pleasant crackling noise, were working again.   How I wished to hear that noise again!! 

Finally, after 7 days the power on my street was restored.  It was late in the evening, and my husband, I and our miniature poodle, Johnny were lying down, trying to keep warm.  I had my hands on Johnny’s warm belly when I heard the loud, beeping.  I opened my eyes noticing the light in the hallway.  I jumped, yelling “the lights are on!”  I remember calling my son telling him that the power has been restored. He said, “I’m coming home!”  I was in the kitchen when he came and the two of us hugged, joyful and giggling, like two kids that got the long awaited gift.

My life, at this point, had been refurbished.  My refrigerator is filled with food, and in the morning, when I wake up I yawn lazily, still wrapped in the pleasant state of semi sleep, listening to the heartwarming sound of my radiators.  I am trying to put this experience behind me, just like others, yet I will never forget the lesson that I was taught.  It is as if the part of this storm’s energy seeped into my consciousness.  If Mother Nature was trying to teach me a lesson, she succeeded.  If only all of us could understand what she is telling us, we could unite together to heal and save the Earth!

I am sending love, light, and blessing,



Intuition plays a vital role in the course of one’s life.  An intangible sense that thrives within, it’s a feeling that every one of us has.  Yet at times we are unable to reach it, as it’s covered by the eternal layers of dust.  Then the doubt sets in, squishing and kicking the intuition out until this voice, or the sense of knowing is extinct.

I believe that within each of us lies the ability to receive messages, whether it is a voice or simply the sense of knowing.  It is just a matter of grounding and opening the heart and crown chakras.

Our daily existence is filled with chaos and turbulence – work, children and endless projects.   From the moment we wake up in the morning till the time we go to sleep, we run around without stopping, frantically trying to accomplish our goals and then making mental and written lists for the following day.  Frequently, our cluttered mind is unable to shut down and at night we lie, thinking of the events of the day that passed, agitated by work and family.  Even if the message does land into our minds, we can’t distinguish it from the rest of the jumble and often dismiss it.   And then the new day begins, adding to the already existent pile of problems and concerns, until you feel barricaded by the endless rain of worries and fears.  At that point the sense of being lost is too strong, wrapping around us like a straight jacket.   

When I was a young girl of 13, living in Russia, a disturbing incident occurred.  This made me realize that there is something up there beyond my understanding that is watching over me.  However, it was decades later, when I became a healer, that I truly understood the profound existence of a realm beyond my perception -an existence parallel to ours – separated by the translucent mirror of ether.

 I was returning home after spending a few hours with friends.  It was late at night.  I noted a strange man following me into the hallway of the apartment building.  I was about to take the elevator to the 7th floor, as I had done every time, but at the last second, right before pressing the button I turned and took the stairs. So many times before had I taken this elevator with strange men without a second thought but this time, for whatever reason, I chose not to. Many years passed since, but I remember that day as it were yesterday.  It was a very quick thought that landed into my mind and I could have easily dismissed it.  I decided to take the stairs.  There was a trash disposal located every other floor.  Between the second and third floor there was no garbage disposal and the stranger pushed me into the corner.  I screamed and kicked and the doors of the apartments began opening.  Alarmed by what might happen, my assaulter ran away in a hurry, leaving me flabbergasted and frightened.  

I still think about what would have happened to me if I had taken the elevator that day and how lucky I was to have listened to that subtle message.

Nowadays I meditate every day and do simple release and reclaim breathing exercises to unwind and recharge after a day of work.  I then connect to my spirit guides and ask them for advice.  Sometimes I know the answer, other times I receive it later.   Regardless, I have learned to listen and to open my mind and heart. 

Our guardian angels, power animals, ascending masters and diseased ancestors are with us every step of the way.   Ultimately, it is a matter of faith and trust that enables us to hear and to know.  Once you open yourself up, the benefits are amazing! 

I am sending you love and light,



     I was born in the Ukraine, which in those days was a part of Russia, in the city of Kleve.    I grew up amongst hard working people during the times when the Communist Party ruled. I remember people’s faces, grave and gray, like the earth itself; weary of their mundane existence, born to carry on the painful traditions of their ancestors.  No one was allowed to forget the suffering and tragedies of the land, reminded of it constantly through the media and literature.  The songs were composed to glorify the Party and the poems were written for the children to memorize. It wasn’t only the lack of freedom that was oppressing; it was the karma of the nation that was monumentally heavy.    The suffering of our forefathers, revolution, World War II, the struggles of the Nation and its heroic survival was imbedded into the souls of each citizen.

     I loved it, as it was the only place I knew. The dense forest and vast fields became my dear friends and the melancholic nostalgic music made my heart soar with joy.  I lived a simple life, with my parents, just like many other children around me.  I went to school and strove to get good grades.  I tried to fit in, yet I always felt as though I was separated from the rest of the world by an invisible wall.  I grew accustomed to spending long hours alone, daydreaming.  I remember my grandmother being angry at me when I sat, staring into space.  She couldn’t understand how one could “do nothing”.   I never attempted to explain, realizing that it was futile. 

    I developed a passion for writing at an early age, which helped me navigate through the difficult patches of my life and in turn opened a whole new world, filled with beautiful dreams that were hiding within the crevasses of my mind.   

    I moved away from the Ukraine when I was eighteen years old; I followed my parents to this country.  I remember driving away, from the home I had, the streets disappearing in to the distance and my one friend, Natasha standing, waving her farewell.  In my heart I knew I wasn’t coming back, not for a very long time.  The forest that was near my home disappeared and the streets changed; it all seems surreal, yet it was happening to me.   I felt like a tree, ripped out of the ground.   I couldn’t help but wonder -what was going to happen to me?

    My new home was nothing like the one I left.  The life I knew back in Russia ceased to exist the moment the bus left the familiar streets of my neighborhood.   My new experiences, wrapped in the haze of the unknown, were zooming before me like a passing train. The diverse population helped me to merge in, and for a short while I felt less of an outsider.  I got married and my children were born, bringing with them a whole new baggage of problems and concerns.  I moved through my life as if it was a forest and for a while there was only a faint stream of light peeping though the thick branches.

    With time I found my way into the clearing.  I discovered the place and people that brought joy and purpose into my life.  The dense woods are now behind me and there is a green meadow and a peaceful lake, with the sun swirling on the surface of the emerald waters.  There are graceful swans swimming alongside the banks and the geese wobbling around.  There are people strolling by and children’s laughter echoing through the vast space.  The loud cries of geese and the enthusiastic barking of dogs break the stillness.  I can join the people and I can go back into the forest, if I choose to.  I am at peace and I know that I am not alone.  I have found people like myself and I am moving forward, creating new chapters and visions. 

     In my humble journey I’ve learned that being different was my destiny and that all of my experiences, good and not so good,  have brought me to this point of my life and shaped me into the person I am now.  It is with this thought that I would like to encourage you to dare to be different, to always see the light that is hiding underneath the clouds, to create positive visions and to believe in yourself and your greatness!

I send you love and light!


It is an honor and a privilege to be able to bring the divine power of healing into your lives. We all inherit a genetic base from our parents, but it is our faith and perseverance that determines our path.

There is beauty all around us, if we only take time to notice, to smile and to breathe. Learn to love yourself.  See yourself as the one that can make a difference and move forward! I wish you the best of luck in Your Journey Within!

~Elena Galperin