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Days after Hurricane Sandy have been infused with tension and fear.  The lines at the gas station, the streets, barricaded by the fallen trees, the people, frightened and in a state of shock.  Never have we had this type of storm in the Northern New Jersey.  

I can only speak for myself when I say that this horrific storm had taught me a great lesson.  Was I prepared for it?  I thought I was.  I thought I was in control.  I stored canned goods and water, prepared an emergency bag and bought candles.  When the storm hit I gathered everyone downstairs, to be safer.  I lit a few candles.  I stepped away for a short while and suddenly heard a loud falling sound and my daughter’s loud scream that my mom fell down.  She tripped over the futon and landed face down on tiled floor. 

I tried my best to stay calm and healed her.  She was frightened; her upper lip was bleeding from the fall and her nose was tender.  Thankfully, she didn’t suffer major injury.

 In a matter of hours the life that I had known, the sense of peace and security that was dwelling in my house, was gone.  The control I thought I had has been destroyed with the gashes of the strong wind and the devastation and powerlessness that it brought afterwards.  The darkness and cold wrapped around my lodging.  Nothing seemed the same.  

Two days after, still living without electricity or heat, I walked to the nearby park.  It is upon approaching it that I felt an incredible aching within my heart, the pain that this park – the trees inside of it and wild life had suffered.  I stopped, mortified.  I wasn’t prepared for it.

I remember, a while back, asking my oak tree, the one that grows outside of my window, in my front yard, what is it like to be a tree.  She communicated to me that the wind is her friend and that she loves when he comes over her, gently cleansing her branches and leaves.  He is a friend and a lover and he is very dear to her.   Yet there are times when his anger is frightening and she had learned to stay strong and just be, until his fury passes.  It is only now that I understood the message that I received from my tree – to stay strong. 

It is difficult to be ready for something so devastating, for the loss of loved ones, and your home.  Never again will I take for granted my life and the lives of people around me.  My house had no damage and besides a few loose branches in my back yard my property was alright.  Yet something shifted and the home that I had known before, the energy within it, its essence, was gone, as if the wind from the outside had swept through the inside. 

My son went to stay with his friend, who had electricity; my daughter was either out or locked inside her room, wrapped in blankets.  My husband and I stayed either at the Garden State Mall or in the kitchen, boiling a large pot of hot water, trying to keep warm.  At night, dressed in layers of warm clothes with two pairs of sock and three blankets, I lay, praying for the electricity to be restored.  At dawn I woke up, listening, if the radiators, who make a pleasant crackling noise, were working again.   How I wished to hear that noise again!! 

Finally, after 7 days the power on my street was restored.  It was late in the evening, and my husband, I and our miniature poodle, Johnny were lying down, trying to keep warm.  I had my hands on Johnny’s warm belly when I heard the loud, beeping.  I opened my eyes noticing the light in the hallway.  I jumped, yelling “the lights are on!”  I remember calling my son telling him that the power has been restored. He said, “I’m coming home!”  I was in the kitchen when he came and the two of us hugged, joyful and giggling, like two kids that got the long awaited gift.

My life, at this point, had been refurbished.  My refrigerator is filled with food, and in the morning, when I wake up I yawn lazily, still wrapped in the pleasant state of semi sleep, listening to the heartwarming sound of my radiators.  I am trying to put this experience behind me, just like others, yet I will never forget the lesson that I was taught.  It is as if the part of this storm’s energy seeped into my consciousness.  If Mother Nature was trying to teach me a lesson, she succeeded.  If only all of us could understand what she is telling us, we could unite together to heal and save the Earth!

I am sending love, light, and blessing,


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