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Intuition plays a vital role in the course of one’s life.  An intangible sense that thrives within, it’s a feeling that every one of us has.  Yet at times we are unable to reach it, as it’s covered by the eternal layers of dust.  Then the doubt sets in, squishing and kicking the intuition out until this voice, or the sense of knowing is extinct.

I believe that within each of us lies the ability to receive messages, whether it is a voice or simply the sense of knowing.  It is just a matter of grounding and opening the heart and crown chakras.

Our daily existence is filled with chaos and turbulence – work, children and endless projects.   From the moment we wake up in the morning till the time we go to sleep, we run around without stopping, frantically trying to accomplish our goals and then making mental and written lists for the following day.  Frequently, our cluttered mind is unable to shut down and at night we lie, thinking of the events of the day that passed, agitated by work and family.  Even if the message does land into our minds, we can’t distinguish it from the rest of the jumble and often dismiss it.   And then the new day begins, adding to the already existent pile of problems and concerns, until you feel barricaded by the endless rain of worries and fears.  At that point the sense of being lost is too strong, wrapping around us like a straight jacket.   

When I was a young girl of 13, living in Russia, a disturbing incident occurred.  This made me realize that there is something up there beyond my understanding that is watching over me.  However, it was decades later, when I became a healer, that I truly understood the profound existence of a realm beyond my perception -an existence parallel to ours – separated by the translucent mirror of ether.

 I was returning home after spending a few hours with friends.  It was late at night.  I noted a strange man following me into the hallway of the apartment building.  I was about to take the elevator to the 7th floor, as I had done every time, but at the last second, right before pressing the button I turned and took the stairs. So many times before had I taken this elevator with strange men without a second thought but this time, for whatever reason, I chose not to. Many years passed since, but I remember that day as it were yesterday.  It was a very quick thought that landed into my mind and I could have easily dismissed it.  I decided to take the stairs.  There was a trash disposal located every other floor.  Between the second and third floor there was no garbage disposal and the stranger pushed me into the corner.  I screamed and kicked and the doors of the apartments began opening.  Alarmed by what might happen, my assaulter ran away in a hurry, leaving me flabbergasted and frightened.  

I still think about what would have happened to me if I had taken the elevator that day and how lucky I was to have listened to that subtle message.

Nowadays I meditate every day and do simple release and reclaim breathing exercises to unwind and recharge after a day of work.  I then connect to my spirit guides and ask them for advice.  Sometimes I know the answer, other times I receive it later.   Regardless, I have learned to listen and to open my mind and heart. 

Our guardian angels, power animals, ascending masters and diseased ancestors are with us every step of the way.   Ultimately, it is a matter of faith and trust that enables us to hear and to know.  Once you open yourself up, the benefits are amazing! 

I am sending you love and light,



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