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I was returning from my lunch break, when I noticed one of my colleagues crying.  She had her eyes firmly fixed on the computer screen, with tears rolling down her cheeks. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

She looked up. “Haven’t you heard,” she asked.  “There was a shooting at a Connecticut Elementary school.  Over twenty children are dead.”  She paused, wiping her tears with the palm of her hand and then continued.  “Parents are waiting to pick their kids up from school and they are dead.”   She was looking past me, into the space her eyes filled with horror and pain.

I worked through the day, feeling numb.  My desk, bombarded with piles of work kept my mind occupied.  That night, at home, I had a horrific migraine and went to bed early.  It has been a difficult month – two co-workers of mine passed on and the son of another colleague passed away in his sleep a few days ago.  He was in his thirties and had a family with two young children. 

It was only the following morning, when I was on my way to the supermarket that I began sobbing.   The sadness filled my heart, the pain of the parents and grandparents who lost their precious children, the unspoken tremble of those whose children are to go to school the following week – all of it gathered into one lump in my throat and then emerged out with tears and sobs.  The fright and helplessness that wrapped around the nation was floating in the air – an unspoken dread, infused with tears, translucent yet toxic.   

I walked through the crowded supermarket, piling my cart with food, my mind wrapped around the haze of the devastation, my thoughts overwhelming my heart.   Why are these horrific incidents occurring?  What possesses a person to take lives of others?   What is poisoning our Country at large?

The family structure has certainly changed.  The mothers who stayed home to take care of their children are not able to due to financial circumstances.  The economy that collapsed left thousands of people jobless.  Many are losing their houses to foreclosures.  The destructive forces of nature are devastating countries, destroying homes, and taking lives.   The never ending war in the Middle East is like a dark horrid, life crippling vulture. 

Yet our media and television glorifies violence on a daily basis.   We have become the nation of war and crime.  Dread and fear surrounds us, like a thick brick wall.

Is there a way out?  Of course there is!  It has to be done through love and compassion.  Love heals on many levels!  It is above us, descending on us from the Heavens.  It is below, nurturing us through the healing powers of the Mother Earth.  It comes from every direction – from the east with the rise of the sun, from the south with the flames of the fire that ignites love, from the west, bringing tranquility and reflection through the cleansing powers of water and from the north, the place of Great Darkness – the ancestral guidance.   

There are no words to describe the pain of those who lost their loved ones.  Nothing can bring back those who are gone, killed by the hand of a sick-minded being.  Yet we can move forward, armed by a different mindset.   We have to shift our consciousness by keeping our vibrations high and let go of the low vibrations, such as envy, anger, and control. 

And so I urge you all to love one another and to allow love in with every breath; to forgive those who hurt you and to cherish those who are near you.  Be strong yet gentle,  be forgiving yet firm, and most of all be kind to yourself and to others!

I am sending you love and light,


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